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Hopi Ear Candling 30 mins | £35
Ideal for those suffering from blocked ears, earache, tinnitus, stress, anxiety, colds, flu, congested sinuses and headaches. Heat and vibration from the ear candling soften and break up any stubborn wax and congestion in the ears. This treatment includes a pressure point scalp massage.

Moroccan Oil Scalp Massage 30 mins | £35
A deeply relaxing scalp massage to help relieve tension, de-stress and relax. Using a unique a formula rich in antioxidant Argon oil to revitalise the hair and correct signs of imbalance on the scalp.

Indian Head Massage 45 mins | £50
Ideal for head, neck and shoulder tension, headaches and sinus problems, to de-stress and relax. Includes a neck and shoulder massage, a reviving scalp massage and soothing pressure point head massage

Reflexology 60mins | £60
Used in China as a method of well being and relaxation for over 1000 years, this oriental massage focuses on various points of the feet, which relate to specific parts of the body to heal and re-balance enrgy levels. Used to treat digestive disorders, sleep problems, stress, low energy, fertility issues, back pain and migranes. A deeply relaxing and powerfull treatment.


These thoroughly researched and carefully formulated treatments have been designed to nurture and support a woman through the rich experience of each trimester. Gently.

Peaceful Pregnancy Massage 75 mins | £75
Performed with the support of pillows and beanbags that mould to every bump, mother-to-be is restored to optimum wellness. An intuitive and relaxing massage hydrates skin that is expanding to accommodate a growing baby, relieves lower back tension, heavy leg sensation and swollen feet.

Peaceful Pregnancy Face & Body 2 hours 15 mins | £125
Combining a nurturing pregnancy massage with an Elemis Touch Anti-Ageing or Skin Solutions face treatment, gently addressing any visible effects or hormonal changes on the skin while supporting your bump with support pillows and beanbags.

LavaMama Pregnancy Massage 60 mins | £75
Creates a blissful combination of relaxation and stimulation to ease away aches and pains particularly focussing on the back, hips and legs as the pregnancy progresses. Improves energy levels, assisting circulation and alleviating puffiness and fluid build-up particularly in the legs and ankles. Effectively supporting the mum-to-be throughout the crucial stages of pregnancy and the miraculous changes to her body. LavaMama Pregnancy Massage is suitable from the second trimester and during the post-natal period.